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HR Leadership Empowered: How to use Agility to make impact?

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Catherine, People & HR Transformation Partner at Reacteev and former Chief People Officer at Scaleway, inaugurated a series of meetings focused on human resources and agility at Reacteev!

At each event, she is accompanied by a guest from a large company or a scale-up.

For the first event, Albane Bressolle Chataigner, former Chief People Officer at Back Market & HRD at Criteo, was present on Tuesday, December 12th at Reacteev.

Together, Catherine and Albane led a dynamic meeting on the theme: ”HR Leadership Empowered: How to use Agility to make an impact?

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The evening began with a presentation and introduction, followed by engaging group discussions.

Catherine and Albane initiated the conversation by asking the attending HR directors about their definition of “impact.” High-performing HR teams share much in common with those exceeding their goals. 82% of them are confident in their ability to connect their work to the company’s results, and 67% receive adequate support from the management.

They also shared interesting statistics: in the United States, only 22-29% of boards of directors and steering committees include HR representatives, while in Europe, this figure is 27%.

Beyond questions and numbers, Albane and Catherine showed guests how to measure this impact. In groups, participants discussed their recent challenges, providing valuable advice and perspectives.

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The goal? To bring together HR professionals to broaden our perspectives, share impactful ideas, and create a dynamic support network.

The benefits? Collectively understanding our challenges, collaborating strategically, and propelling our successes to new heights.

Catherine’s next unconference is scheduled for January 18th. Stay tuned for more information to come!



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