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Thanks to our innovative training courses, which are in line with current market issues, we offer you the opportunity to unleash the potential of your employees and boost your growth!

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IT project: organisation and specifications

During this course, you will learn how to manage an IT project using Agile tools. You will discover how to create functional and technical specifications, as well as how to respond to calls for tender and public procurement contracts. This highly practical course will give you all the skills you need to organise and manage your IT project effectively.

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Training programme

Our training courses combine the transfer of know-how and attitudes with theory, practical exercises and situational analysis. The participants are actively involved in their own training, so that they quickly take on board what they learn.

  • Know the difference between a project and a product and know how to locate it within a company.
  • Produce functional and technical specifications.
  • Starting an Agile project.
  • Drawing up a maintenance, testing and acceptance plan.
  • Knowing how to analyse and respond to a public contract and call for tenders
  • Understand the legislation surrounding computer software.
Day 1
  • Project management and organisation
  • Project management vs. product management
  • Calls for tender, specifications
  • Lean StartUp
Day 2
  • IT projects and agility
  • IT project
  • Agility: definition
  • Starting an agile project
Day 3
  • Legal framework and management tools
  • The Agile framework
  • Public procurement and legal issues
  • Acceptance and maintenance plan

Qualified trainers

Fabien Crassat
Fabien Crassat
Agile & DevOps Coach
With over ten years' practical experience, Reacteev's trainers illustrate the theoretical fundamentals they teach with numerous real-life examples drawn from their own experience.

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