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Design Thinking

Thanks to the Design Thinking methodogy, we put your customers at the heart of your business strategy. We help your teams innovate by allowing them to quickly explore the desirability, feasibility and viability of your future initiative.


The study and improvement of the user experience (User eXperience) allows you to delight your customers and make a difference. It is not only about graphical interfaces (User Interface) but really about the whole journey of your customers.

Lean Startup

Lean Startup allows you to validate the relevance of an idea, a project or a Business K-Model. We help your teams identify the most sensitive components of a project and address them through an experimentation process.


SCRUM, Kanban, XP, SAFe, Spotify. Beyond the methods, Agility is a state of mind allowing to collaborate efficiently. We help your teams identify the most suitable methods and practices to meet their challenges.

Craftsmanship & DevOps

It is not enough to have a 'daily' meeting every day in front of a board of post its in order to be efficient. Modern engineering techniques allow your teams to go faster and improve the quality of deliverables. We support your teams on issues such as test automation, Continuous Delivery, DevOPS in order to go even further in your transformation.

Our Services


We work with business departments and innovation structures (labs, incubators, accelerators) to help them quickly identify, design and market new products or services.

Agile Transformation

We support business, operations and CIOs' in Agile transformation processes. We help you identify and implement organizational models, methods and practices to help you achieve your goals.


We train your employees in innovative working methods such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agility. Our training methodology is based on 70% practice and 30% theory.


The Reacteev Toolkit is used by organisations to promote collaborative work within their teams. It guides them step by step in their innovation process, makes it possible to follow the progress of the teams and to easily share information and learnings (on people, ideas, experiments, etc). All that in order to learn faster and together.


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BNP Paribas
Groupe Renault
Ingenico Group
Lean Startup Experience
Société Générale

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