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Do you wish to better attract, convert and retain talent, have more impact on employee performance and lead successful HR transformations?

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We work with HR and Training Departments to help significantly improve the employer brand, the capacity for innovation, resilience and the Time-to-Proficiency of employees.

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Agile HR & Learning Design

To improve their response time to change, their ability to collaborate with stakeholders, their employee-centricity and their organizational efficiency, we help our clients become more agile.


To help our clients transform their L&D approach via Blended Learning courses that reduce Time-to-Efficiency, we train and coach in the fundamentals of UX/UI Design, the use of gamification levers and immersive technologies.

HR Marketing

We help HR and Training departments to better market their campaigns through product marketing. We train and coach in the process to foster successful cross-functional communication that impacts employer branding, engagement and buy-in.

Data-Driven Approach

We make HR and Training Departments aware of the importance of being data-driven, of keeping stakeholders data-informed and of mastering their organization's people analytics to make better operational and strategic decisions.

3.0 Management

We train and coach leaders to adopt better modes of communication with their teams, in a more inclusive, cooperative, creative, empowering and agile dynamic, which promotes better productivity and autonomy.

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