Making innovation happen

A central platform for all your innovation projects

Gather Learnings

Gather learnings

Stop doing the same experiments multiple times. Regroup all your innovation projects in one place.

Lean Startup Methodology

Guide teams in their innovation process

Help teams to follow a good innovation process with lean startup methodology.


Progress tracking

Easily follow the evolution of each project.


Gather learnings

Very often innovation teams in large organization do the same experiments multiple times due to the fact that they are not aware of the other innovation projects.

To avoid that Reacteev Toolkit gathers all your innovation projects in one place.
Great analytics let you see the progress of your projects.

Use our advanced search engine to find projects, ideas, MVP and learnings across all your organization.


Lean startup methodology

Reacteev Toolkit helps your team follow the best processes to solve business challenges.
At each step advices are given to put the innovation on a good track.

Information about a business challenge are often scattered across multiple tools which is hard to manage and tend to be difficult to retrieve information.

Reacteev Toolkit has been thought to replace all these tools, your teams can enter the progress of their business challenges in a tool made for that and retrieve information with our great UI and the search feature.

Lean Canvas

Progress tracking

Easily see in one glance the state of a business challenge and what to do next.

At each step Reacteev Toolkit ensures that everything has been done before moving to the next step.

Task Management

See all your business challenges at once

As a team member, the board is made to let you see all your currents and past challenges.



With hundreds of teams accompanied in their innovation projects, the Reacteev team has acquired a huge experience in lean startup methodology adapted to all types of companies.

We tried to put all our experience in Reacteev Toolkit to provide clear guidelines to help everyone achieve their goals.


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